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 We take a limited number of clients on hunting trips.  The west-central area of the Catskill Mountains is home to a wide variety of birds and furbearers. Deer, bear, coyote, fox, bobcat, rabbit, grouse and wild turkey inhabit all areas of the Catskill park and surrounding vicinity. We have worked to show sportsmen some of these wonderful spots since 1983. Contact us for rates and information.


Hunting wild turkey in the spring (May1 - 31) is the ultimate in hunting challenges and therefore bagging a spring turkey is one of the ultimate trophies in the northeast.  Catskill Outdoor Adventures prides itself in being one of New York's premier services for spring turkey hunts.  Scouting begins in early March.  Birds are monitored on a daily basis.  Hunting is usually done on private or NYC watershed property (under permit).  We employ ground blinds and/or natural cover.

We will take you out to scout on the night before the hunt.  Your guide provides expert calling, or if you elect to call, that's okay, too.  Appropriate camoflage is a must. A turkeys eyes are like 10X binoculars and they can see approximately 360 degrees. Camouflage and either a head net or black face paint are mandatory. Legal weapons are shotguns (20 ga., 16ga., 12 ga., 10 ga.) or bow.

The wild turkey inhabits every hill and hollow in the Catskills. We use only the finest turkey calls. Among these are the Lynch box call, Quaker Boy Diaphragm calls, Slate calls and Catskill Outdoor Adventure's Signature turkey wingbone calls.

These birds are the wariest of all wild game. We can take you to where they are and call them in. You do the rest.  As always, all turkey hunts are fair chase. We cannot offer a guaranteed kill. What we do offer is knowledge of their habits, the terrain and calling.  We do guarantee a safe, enjoyable hunt and a memorable experience that you will never forget.


During the month of October and first 2 weeks of November, Catskill Outdoor Adventures will take a limited amount of hunters on their quest for trophy deer and bear. These bucks are generally heavier than during gun season, sporting thick necks as they are in pre-rut condition and haven't had a chance to run off their fat.  We do not utilize tree stands but encourage guests to bring their own. No screw in steps are allowed on NYS wild forest or NYC watershed land. The New york City Watershed lands recieve very little hunting pressure. Our scouting begins in August. We are oriented strictly to archery hunters. The NYC land is vast. A compass or GPS is recommended. Topographic maps are provided for your hunt. We recommend that you practice with these navigational tools before you come. We also include butchering and vacuum packing at no extra cost. All hunts are fair chase. We do not guide during the rifle season.


We also offer upland bird (grouse, woodcock) and small game hunting during their respective seasons. If you have a bird dog that you want to bring please let us know. Not all places to stay will accomodate pets. Springers, Brittanys and Labs are our preference although a well trained German Shorthair can be very helpful and a beautiful thing to watch. As with everything, all our hunts are fair chase. Let us help you organize your next excursion!

As  professional outdoorsmen we stress two things above all else when guiding hunting parties-safety and courtesy. Firearm safety is essential even on a non-guided hunt. Courtesy to both landowners and other sportsmen is the key to forming good relationships and lasting friendships. We live up to the strict code of ethics of the guiding profession. We are working for you! Enjoy a true wilderness experience with Catskill Outdoor Adventures. 

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